Product description and indications

Aquacore® hydrophilic gel preparation is a sterile synthetic gel biocompatible with human soft tissues.

Aquacore® hydrophilic gel structure is based on multiple cross links and hydrogen H-bonds between molecules, arising between carbonyl and amine groups.

Aquacore® hydrophilic gel is apyrogenic and its composition is fully compatible with human tissues.

Polyamide component of Aquacore® hydrophilic gel is inert and does not cause any allergic reactions after injection. It comprises only up to 2% of total gel volume.

Volume creating component of Aquacore® hydrophilic gel corresponds to chemical composition of physiological solution.

Due to its elasticity and plasticity properties the gel can be used as a volumizing soft tissue implantable gel for body contouring procedures in aesthetic plastic surgery.

Indications for use

Aquacore® hydrophilic gel is designed to improve and for shape contouring of different parts of human body.

Aquacore® hydrophilic gel can be used for the following indications:

  1. Soft tissue contour’s correction
  2. Breast muscle aplasia correction
  3. Breast augmentation in hypomastia
  4. Breast shape Improvement in mastoptosis 1st -2d degree
  5. Breast asymmetry correction
  6. Correction of soft tissue atrophy changes
  7. Breast shape and volume improvement
  8. Buttocks shape and volume improvement

If Aquacore® hydrophilic gel is used for other indications, such a procedure is performed at surgeon’s own discretion and responsibility.

In any and all cases of application of Aquacore® hydrophilic gel surgeon must strictly adhere to following conditions:

  1. All necessary and required aseptic and antiseptic measures and precautions are taken.
  2. Prohibited intravascular injection of Aquacore® hydrophilic gel.
  3. Prohibited Aquacore® hydrophilic gel injection in venous plexus and cavernous body.