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Aquacore® will help to enlarge breast harmoniously and safely
to the optimal size for a woman.

Asymmetry of the breast

Beautiful and elastic lingerie emphasizes female beauty. But in intimate moments, the asymmetry of the breast causes discomfort. Aquacore® will solve the problem.

After feeding the baby, shape and elasticity suffered

Kids – the most valuable that you’ve got in your life. But after feeding, the shape of the breast may change. Aquacore® will restore the natural beauty of the breasts.

The breasts have lost their natural beauty

Life is negatively infused with stress on our body. Natural beauty of breasts is renewed with hydrophilic gel Aquacore®.

Dreaming about perfect forms

The desire for the ideal in everything is inherent in many women. Aquacore® is a sure step towards perfect breast and buttock shapes

Age-related changes in the chest and buttocks

A woman is always 19 and over time she only gets prettier. Aquacore® will ensure the youth of the breasts and buttocks of mature women.

Innovative correction of the shape of the chest and buttocks

Discover Your Personal Style and the Confidence That Comes with It.

The effective and safe Aquacore® gel will help to recreate the natural shape of the breasts and buttocks, restore the elasticity and attractiveness of the lines of the female body and restore sexuality and beauty.

Aquacore® hydrophilic gel preparation is a sterile synthetic gel biocompatible with human soft tissues.

Aquacore® hydrophilic gel structure is based on multiple cross links and hydrogen H-bonds between molecules, arising between carbonyl and amine groups.

Aquacore® hydrophilic gel is apyrogenic and its composition is fully compatible with human tissues.

Polyamide component of Aquacore® hydrophilic gel is inert and does not cause any allergic reactions after injection. It comprises only up to 2% of total gel volume.

Volume creating component of Aquacore® hydrophilic gel corresponds to chemical composition of physiological solution.

Due to its elasticity and plasticity properties the gel can be used as a volumizing soft tissue implantable gel for body contouring procedures in aesthetic plastic surgery.

Indications for use

Soft tissue contour correction

Breast muscle aplasia correction

Breast augmentation in hypomastia

Breast shape Improvement in mastoptosis 1st - 2d degree

Breast asymmetry correction

Correction of soft tissue atrophy changes

Breast shape and volume improvement

Buttocks shape and volume improvement

Advantages of Aquacore® correction

A Aquacore® hydrophilic gel – solution for cosmetic surgery industry designed and intended for low invasive soft tissue correction

Aquacore® hydrophilic gel is capable of delivering precise correction results on soft tissue defects and provides patient with a lasting and natural looking tissue volumizing result

Three dimensional structure of the polyamide creates a long-chain molecular net that attracts and maintains water in the form of gel

Mild acidity level of the product facilitates establishment of a thin layer of encapsulation of the gel after implantation. Creation of a natural shell around implant prevents product fragmentation and migration from the area of injection

Inert properties of polyamide component prevent occurrence of allergic reactions after injection

Innovative production process and thorough quality control of every step at manufacturing facility according to ISO 13485 standards allows us to guarantee optimal and sustainable viscosity level of the product

Certified sterilization facility and double layer packaging of the product minimizes inflammation risks that can be attributed to the product

Certified sterilization unit and two-layer product packaging minimize any risks

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