I always had small breasts, you could even say that they were almost non-existent. Such a size of 0.3)) Sometimes I envied my friends, but still everything seemed to be fine in my relationship with my husband, too. However, lately I’ve noticed how he stops looking at the busty girls, as if secretly looking at them. And this is normal, because he is a man. And all the same – my slight anxiety began to crystallize into real anxiety. So gradually I matured to the decision to go to a plastic surgeon. She stopped herself several times because she was really afraid. And finally she left. I breathed a sigh of relief when I learned that there is an effective, non-traumatic, safe way breast augmentation – enter a special gel. And that it is done with a needle, under local anesthesia, without major surgery. I agreed. Everything went well. I am grateful to the surgeon and Aquacore® gel. Now the man looks only at me))

Vera Stepanenko


After the birth of the second child and feeding, the shape of the breast changed dramatically – everything sagged. I even noticed that as soon as I wake up, I immediately try to put on a bust – as if I were complex in front of my husband. Like he doesn’t notice anything)) But worries, everyday affairs were distracting. And as soon as you approach the mirror, it’s sad. I read on the Internet about methods of breast correction and found a gentle method – the introduction of a gel. I read about efficiency and safety. I decided to try it. I am very busy with children and it is good that the operation does not require practically any special training. At the plastic surgery clinic, everything took about an hour and a little. All under local anesthesia. I was just delighted when I saw my renewed breasts! You can act topless in music videos! Girls who want to look ten years younger and grow up from their forms, at the same time, for a reasonable price – this is a great way.

Tatyana Glovac


Like everyone – I try to go to the gym regularly. And as always, it turns out irregularly. Then without a coach, then with a coach, and so that clearly 3 times a week – still does not work. Girls spend a lot of time on the shape of the buttocks, swing – squat with weights and all that. One of my acquaintances in the hall once came and saw – she had a priest, round, elastic. You can’t pump it in four days. She admitted that she had injected a special gel. And what am I worse? She found a clinic and chose a doctor. He said that the manipulation is safe. And what’s nice – not for all the money. It turned out to be a bomb! Well, that is two bombs!))) And I already bought myself red leather pants, I already have something to wear!

Elma Gustavdotter