Reasonable choice

Low invasive procedure.

Product injection is performed through small skin puncture and healing process takes up to seven days.

No requirement for general anesthesia.

Unless patient requests general anesthesia, product can be injected under local anesthesia administered by surgeon.

Short term post-operative recovery.

Patient can be released from medical facility within hours after correction procedure was performed.

Visual and sensational naturalness of the areas of correction.

Injected material feels almost the same as natural tissue during palpation. No scars or visible areas of performed incisions.

Short recovery period for patient.

Normally in three-four days after the procedure patient can return to normal daily routine.

Long term aesthetic effect.

Depending on patient’s metabolism, aesthetic effect lasts from five to seven years.

Low risk for complications.

Provided that all precautions and recommendations for product application were followed through correctly, product shows very low rate of complications and/or patient’s complaints.

Stages in tratment

Possibility to perform body contouring procedures in stages to achieve better symmetry results.