For patients


A Aquacore® Patient consultation and injection of Aquacore® hydrophilic gel is to be performed only by qualified plastic surgeon or doctor with relevant medical qualification and experience. Injection of Aquacore® hydrophilic gel can only be performed in appropriate medical facilities which can guarantee observance of aseptic and antiseptic conditions during procedure. Patients are advised to ask as much practical questions as possible to the surgeon about expected results and possible complications during the consultation prior to the injection procedure. Patients must provide surgeon with complete and accurate information about their medical history that is relevant to planned procedure.

Recommendations for patients after Aquacore® hydrophilic gel injection procedure* To prevent bruising and oedema formation, cold application is recommended during the initial period for one to two hours after injection. If oedema occurs, a cold pack can be applied locally for at least 3-4 hours. For all patients, preventive antibiotic therapy is recommended for 48 hours after procedure. Do not wet the injection area for at least 2 days Avoid mechanical injuries to breast or buttocks in the areas of injection To avoid a risk of gel migration not to massage the treatment area for at least 2 weeks following an injection Do not pierce or wax the skin in the area of gel injection Avoid exposure to direct sunlight (including solarium and other sun tanning devices) or extreme cold conditions in the first 4 weeks following an injection Avoid sunburn or frostbite in the area where Aquacore® hydrophilic gel is injected The ultrasound examination must be performed mandatory after 7 and 30 days from injections day

*Current list of recommendations is not complete and patient must adhere to the recommendations suggested by surgeon.